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Re: Generators

Title: Re: Generators
on 2/23/01 1:48 AM, Kathy Mayeda at wrote:

> Can't you get something that runs lights on DC and gas for hot water
> heater, stove and fridge?  I hate hearing generator noise at ride camps.

Not for under $3000.  If you know of one under $2000, I'll drive up to seven hours to get it.

I'm sorry you hate generators.  I look upon them as a nessisary evil.

Here in Texas we go up to 110 degrees in the summer and down below freezing in the winter.  'Camping season' is about two weeks in the fall and two weeks in the spring.

I gotta have some AC or only go to about 3 rides a year.  And the bugs here eat right through tents and carry off small children.  I tried tents and hammocks.  Never again.

If ride managers would divide up camps by generators and non generators, I would be overjoyed.  I wouldn't mind hiking or riding in for the meetings.

Or someone could put in more RV plugs and raise AC owner's ride fees.

Anyway, I'm trying to get the quietest generator I can afford and I will try to post a sign that notes "Generator in use in this camp" so people with tents hopfully won't set up next to me.

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