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I also am anti-generator in a horse camp.  I like to hear and smell horses--not generators.
You can run stove, oven, waterheater, refrigerator on LP, cheap and easy.  Even if your furnace is gas you'll need electric for fan and also electric for water pump.  However, twin golf cart batteries hold LOTS of power.  When connected thru an isolater on your truck engine they charge as you travel to the ride site.  And, before you even leave home you'll want to plug in your 'shore cord' to give the batteries a boost.
I also have a microwave in my trailer but that requires an inverter to change the stored 12V from the golf cart batteries to the 110 required for the microwave and other small appliances (toaster, coffee maker, etc.)
This arrangement works well and you'll never need a generator.
Betty Edgar
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From: Kathy Mayeda <>

Can't you get something that runs lights on DC and gas for hot water
heater, stove and fridge?  I hate hearing generator noise at ride camps.


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>>>What would y'all reccomend if you had it all to do over again?

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