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Re: RE: Generators

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> From: Tara Wheeler []
> Could those of y'all with generators in your trailers please point me in
> the
> right direction regarding buying one?
> I'm in the process of buying a used '91 Sundowner trailer with weekender
> living quarters.  I'm putting in a shower (with heater and water pump)
> and
> it already has a 110 AC and indoor/outdoor lights.  I'm also thinking of
> putting in a mini-stove.  No TV, no microwave, no fancy stuff.  Just the
> bare bones.  :)

Unless you need a microwave, you shouldn't need a generator.  Kathy Mayeda
is right, all can be run off battery or propane.
A small propane stove is probably more usefull than a microwave anyway.

I have a snall solar panel on the top of my camper, and have never run out
of "battery."


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