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EasyCare at AERC convention

Garrett Ford
EasyCare will again be at the AERC convention.  We will feature all EasyCare products at the convention.  Easyboots, E-Z Ride Stirrups, HRM units, GPS units, EasyIce Boots, Proburst, etc.

We will have the Easyboot fitting contest again.  This year the contest will be different because of the changes and improvements made to the new Easyboot, soon to be Easyboot II.  The new cut down version of the boot features a much lower rear design and a rolled toe with a more natural break over.  The contest will no longer require you to cut down the rear of the boot.  They come pre-cut.  $100.00 will be given to the fastest Man, Woman and Junior.

For people who don't want to put on an Easyboot for speed, come by and learn how to size and fit an Easyboot on a horse.  There is nothing like hands on experience.

See you at convention.

Garrett Ford
EasyCare Inc.

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