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RE: Equiflex Shoes

> Equus has a write-up on these "flexible shoes" in the "Product Line"
> section of the lastest issue.  Anyone have any experience with these
> shoes?
> Jim and Sun of Dimanche


they really look like what I know as "Marathon Horseshoe". The Marathon is a
German product, as the Equiflex.
I tried the Marathons in 1999, but stopped it. They last no longer than
50-60 miles, which is not too good!
I never had the chance to reset them, they were worn off completely after
that amount of miles, both front and hinds.
The horse moved better with them, yes, because they are very shock adsorbing
and we have lots of asphalt and rocks here. But I came back to standard
steel shoes and now, since 3 months, to the NBS (steel version). The NBS
lasts 8 weeks, I hadn't to re-nail them. Our standard steel shoe (Werkman)
lasts ~6-8 weeks, but I had to re-nail after ~4 weeks.

Wolfgang + Ninja 11

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