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Re: RC: Tevis Signup List as of Feb. 17th

> I called the Tevis store to order the video and they said the office is
> temporarily closed. How long will it be closed?  Did anybody else get
> through?

Apologies for the ambiguous message on the Tevis answering machine. 
We'll fix that.

The Tevis office is staffed on a part-time basis.  Nat is usually there
on weekday afternoons from 1pm to 5.  Some days more, some less,
depending on the crisis du jour. ;)

If you would like to order one of the Tevis 2000 tapes, just leave a
message on the box with your card info and address.  (Be *sure* to leave
a clear phone# in case we need to call back to clarify anything about
your order.) 

It's $24 postage and tax paid out the door.  If you'd rather save $4,
stop by the Tevis booth at the AERC convention.


Natalie's Barn & Breakfast  1-877-NATBARN

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