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tying up

Hi All,

I responded to the Guest Post on "tying up" privately so as not to
overload Ridecamp with copies of all the emails I received after my
mare's ty up last summer.  After reviewing all that information again, I
was surprised to see the new material from Randy Eiland on RVI (which I
have never heard of before or had recommended by any of those who wrote
to me last summer).  What is it?

Also, I read with great interest the information on APF from Michael Van
Noy, DVM.  

Why do you think these products work?  I remember asking a question
about an anti-tying up product almost 4 years ago. Our resident experts
at that time could not find any reason why that product could affect
tying up syndrome.  Ads for the product stopped shortly after that.  

Six months ago I researched and read everything I could find on treating
ty ups and even called "ti's" bet to use Carbocharge during the ty up.
Although I found you could treat the symptoms and lessen the impact of
the ty up, I never felt in control of the problem.  It was rather like
reacting to the emergency and just hoping for the best.

It would be wonderful to think that there was an easy answer to this
very distressing problem. Are there any studies to back up these
products?  I sure would love to hear from some of our other experts on
this subject.  Do I run out and buy these products and start using them
on my mare?

Joane and Falon who tied up right in front of Donna Snyder Smith!
Price, Utah

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