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Non "easy-change" Wintecs

Valerie Power
Has anyone ever tried to change the gullet of a wintec non easy change saddle?  I am thinking about buying a pro stock, but I'm almost positive that I would have to widen the gullet, since I have a wintec 500 AP right now and I use the wide or extra wide gullet for my arab.  From what I can find out so far, the only reason that a wintec is not "easy change" is because you have to unstitch and restitch the saddle head, instead of having velcro.  I know they use the same gullet plates (at least that's what Wintec told me when I emailed them).  I have some experience with sewing leather, and if the sewing is the only hard part, I'm thinking I can do it myself.  Has anyone ever tried this?  Any advice from saddlers?  Or if it's a bad idea, can anyone recommend a saddler in my area (San Luis Obispo, CA) that can do it?  Thanks for any input!  You can reply directly to me or to the board, either way.

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