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Suitable dogs

Hi, all.
I can't remember who posed the original question, but for my money the most suitable dog to have around horses is one that has been trained to BE around horses.
As far as conditioning goes, I have Shepherds, Jack Russells, a dobermann / collie cross, a GSD cross and a "Transkei Pointer".  All working lines, and I definitely think that they have more stamina, and are easier to manage, than your non-working lines.
I also recall a comment about males being less manageable and more prone to roaming.  I can't say that I agree, but maybe it's just because the males I have are generally wussy types who like to stay on my heels (RIGHT on my heels).  The only one which is prone to deciding, half-way through a ride, that he's had enough, is Chip.  He'll happily take himself off home without so much as a by-your-leave, but I still maintain that the reason for that is because he's Mark's dog, not mine, and he likes to let me know it.
Happy dog-hunting.

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