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Suitable dog

Hey Jim,

your description of the coondog coming down the hill reminds me of a
story I heard. This man said he went to a Florida Cracker's house to see
about trading for a coondog. The guy went in the house tied a rope around
the coondog's neck, led her towards the door...and she ran smack into the
doorjam. He backed up and headed towards the door again and the dog
bounced off the doorframe, staggered sideways and fell off the porch. 
The buyer said, "I do believe you're trying to trade me a blind dog". The
seller said, "That dog ain't blind, that dog just flat don't care" >g< 
Describes how Kaboot goes through the trails sometimes. I think coondogs
have an endurance mentality, they just don't care much to stay on trail
or return to basecamp. :-)

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