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Re: RC: Re: Suitable Dog

In a message dated 2/19/01 9:30:30 AM Eastern Standard Time,

> That said, in my opinion the *best* thing about my dog was that I could
> say, "Go Home!" and she WOULDN'T go riding with me.  I've yet to see
> public land that invited a loose dog, and I know my neighbors have
> appreciated me not bringing my dog onto their property where they let me
> ride.

I agree 100%!!   What ever dog breed we choose to keep us company - an
obedient dog is the key for success with horses.

I have a Jack Russell Terrier that is just the best.  I don't allow him to
go along with us off our property but I do take him for trail rides here.  
He stays to the horses front left ALWAYS (did this on his own) no matter if
we are at the walk, trot or canter.  

One day, I had a deer bound across the trail in front of us and he started
to go after it,  I called to him and just as if he hadn't seen the deer, he
fell back into place at the the horses left front.  This has happened
several times with rabbits, birds, and yes even bear...  It always amazes
me when he chooses to listen to me.

He jogs with me on the road a 5 mile loop three times a week and never
seems to tire.  

He's quite the mouser around the house - always bringing his kill home to
share with Mom..eewww

But most amazingly, when I tell him.. NO, STAY....he's not happy about it
...but he does.  A true sign of a great dog (in my mind)..  Cuz you just
know it's killing him to stay.

Good luck with the dog quest..  

Debbie - NH

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