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Fw: respect for housewives

So what was wrong with the house???  I thought you were going to say she was
out riding, as usual!!!!!

Laura Hayes AERC#2741
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Sent: Sunday, February 18, 2001 3:47 AM
Subject: RC: respect for housewives

> was reminded of a joke I heard.
> A man came home from work one day to find his two young boys playing
> unsupervised in the front yard. The yard was filled with toys, tools,
> and many contents from the garage. He goes inside to find the house in
> disarray dog poop every where from the new puppy. The cat had duct tape on
> him and the bird was free and had crapped everywhere. There were clothes
> strewn about the house. The kitchen looked ransacked with sugar, flour,
> coffee, milk and various food stuffs on the floor. The man was panicked as
> he called for his wife. No Answer... He rushed out the back door insearch
> for her. The back yard was worse than the front. The rose bushes dug up
> the dog and many of the newly planted flowers were tromped on or chew up.
> now feared the worst. Running through the house calling his wifes name
> thoughts of robbery, kiddnapping or the thought of murder ran through his
> mind. He checked the one there. He heard water running..and
> humming..he ran to the bathroom and saw his wife in the bathtub taking a
> bubble bath, reading a book and eating chocolates while watching tv that
> perched on a chair.
> "What the hell?? I was worried sick..What the hell is up with you?" he
> cried.
> "Why gee darling" she replied cooley "I am ACTUALLY doing what you say I
> every day...absolutely nothing"
> carla (going on three day hiatus!)
> Ansata (WHAT?????????????????)
> Haley (we will STARVE!!!!!!!!!!)
> Rob (okay everyone is taken care of! horses fed, dogs fed, mail picked
> up....were outa here!)
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