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Re: Suitable dog

In a message dated 02/18/2001 10:43:27 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< 2)I would like to get a puppy who, when matured and conditioned
 properly, would be able to join me for my conditioning rides. I'm
 willing to wait!! Any suggestions regarding breeds that would be
 suitable? >>

I collect dogs the way some folks collect beanies (I have 6 right now, anyone 
want one?), and have owned and ridden with just about every kind imaginable.  
I can't give you any advice on horses other than how to pick yourself up off 
the ground gracefully, but I do know dogs.  So, with that disclaimer, here's 
my 2 cents.

Dogs with good stamina you'll find in the working class and some hounds.  
Those will be your stock dogs and even your sled dogs.  The sled dogs are 
good, but the ones I've ridden with tend to go at their own pace and if you 
outdistance them they just "catch up" when you slow down.  They can also tend 
to be critter chasers.  The stock dogs I've ridden with are great for keeping 
up with the pace, but they are "into" everything.....what's in the ditch, 
what's behind the bush........even when we're trying to take a break.  Too 
much energy for me.  I had a whippet that was great as he would stay right 
with me on or off the horse, but the day we rode up to the snow I ended up 
carrying him for about 5 miles as his little frame couldn't handle the cold.  
Crossbreeds and mutts can be wonderful.  The best I've had is my yellow lab, 
Daisy.  Stays right at my side while riding, and rests when its time to stop. 
 Capable of handling all climates and terrain.  She even has a little pack 
for her water.

Mostly the choice is personal preference.......and the all important 
training.  They must be able to "stop" when you tell them so they don't end 
up in the next county chasing a deer, or cross the busy highway, or even rush 
up on other riders.

Lastly, most male dogs have a tendency to range out more.  Even if they are 
neutered, its just hard wired into their brains.  On the same concept, 
females are more apt to stay with you.  Its that maternal/protection thing.  
This is one reason you see far more male police dogs, than females.

So, think about what climate you'll be riding in (90 degrees good for 
whippets, bad for malamutes), the distance you'll be riding (the whippet 
could have done 100, the lab never could), the type of dog you can tolerate 
(will you please, be still for just 5 seconds!!!!), and the training you're 
capable of doing (No, stop, sit, stay).  Ask your vet what he/she would 
Abigail Madden (Daisy, Duke, Fancy, Helen, Jake, Clyde..Bongo & Sly RIP)
Rosko & Tiger<<<Mom, why are the dogs in OUR barn????                         

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