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Re: RC: Re: Suitable dog

I had a Dobie that was a wonderful riding companion. However when it was hot
I left her at home. I now have a Pointer that loves to go. She is very good
about running ahead then stopping to check on me to be sure I haven't gone a
different direction. I am thinking about putting a bell on her collar just so
I know where she is when she is snooping in the underbrush looking for birds.

I also have four Border Terriers. They would love to go but being terriers I
am afraid they would start chasing something and forget about everything
else. Also, I prefer to ride with a large dog because of coyotes.

My friend has an Australian Cattle Dog. She says they are the perfect trail
dog. They stay with the horse and do not stray.

By the way, I have ridden in the snow with my Pointer and the cold does not
bother her at all. Just be sure to carry water for the dog if you are going
on a long ride.

Big Bear City, CA

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