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Re: RC: Re: Re: ride dogs (Ridgebacks)

Be very careful with dalmations.  Even before they were extremely overbred as 
a result of the 101 Dalmations movies they had some serious genetic defects.  
One is the inability to produce certain digestive enzymes they need.  They 
also can be EXTREMELY hyper and hard to train.  Best thing to do, as someone 
suggested, is get lots of info on breeds your interested in.  Look at what 
type of genetic diseases or faults they have, look at what the owners and 
breeders who wrote the books say about temperament and trainability, Then 
take that all with a grain of salt, because they wouldn't be writing about 
the breed if they didn't like it.  If it's an AKC breed, check with them for 
genetic problems, also.  You can just about bet that any breed that has been 
popular as a pet has been overbred by backyard breeders who don't know the 
first thing about dog breeding.  Then once you have picked a breed, talk to 
as many breeders as you can, all over the country.  A good breeder will tell 
you what types of situations they don't think their dogs are suited for.  
Good breeders are selective about who they place a puppy with, and will often 
offer to take it back if it doesn't work and will also give a health 
guarantee.  I worked with a breeder of St. Bernards for seven years, and 
learned a lot about reputable breeders from her.  

But I have two dogs, and they were both rescues, both mutts.  jeri

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