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Re: RC: Re: Re: ride dogs (Ridgebacks)

Sorry, Cartolyn, I wasn't specifically bashing a breed, just happens that 
someone mentioned Dalmations.  I would have written the same comments if 
Poodles or any of the other "popular" breeds of dogs that have been overbred 
by back yard breeders had been mentioned, including labs, irish setters, and 
many others.  The point I wanted to make is that to buy a purebred puppy, you 
need to do lots of research on your chosen breed, and talk to serious 
breeders who breed their dogs for the same reason some of us breed 
horses--for the improvement of the breed, and maintenance of the qualities 
that make that breed distinct from others.  NOT as a money making venture.  I 
love almost every dog I have ever met.  I groomed for about 7-8 years, and 
worked in kennels also.  I've known outstanding individuals from every breed 
that I have observed.  I've also seen lots of dogs that were "purebred" that 
should have never been born due to the poor quality or temperament of the 
Parent(s).  Just like horses.  You can't condemn a breed based on a few poor 
quality individuals.  But neither should you unknowingly end of buying one of 
them.  jeri

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