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Ride and tie...

<Can the rider run out of the vet check???>

At a vet check the horse usually arrives first (hopefully with a
rider!). The rider hands the horse off to crew (which usually stop
crewing and do ride and ties the next year) or ties it to a place in the
vet check after giving it water...

The rider then runs out of the vet check. Hopefully the back runner gets
into the vet check in about 10 minutes (if the team set up the check
right) and goes to the horse and crew. If the crew have been cooling the
horse and it is down, then ONLY THE  teammate can take the horse to the
vet/PR people. If the horse is not down (they didn't take the PR ahead
of time) then there is usually a 10 min. penalty...

If given an ok  by the vets then the now rider takes off with the horse
and hopefully catches the now runner about a mile and half out of the
vet check (Oh, it is SO GREAT to hear your teammate and horse coming

STeve Shaw

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