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Re: Tevis 2000 Video Now Available

Karen Sullivan wrote:
> Thanks for the info.  Can you give any more info on the tape, i.e. running
> length, focus (all the riders, or top ten), covering vet checks, diagrams of
> trail, etc.  Is it much different from the earlier Tevis tapes (year Lari
> Shea won and year Potato sponsored the host)?. I'll probably buy it anyway,
> but am interested in details!

The tape runs about 59 mins.  It focuses on typical riders and crew, not
on the "hot shoes."  There is footage at the vetchecks, but more as an
occasion for interviews than with documenting the "process."  It is a
very human and sensitive portrayal of a unique event, taking time to
show the wildflowers, the difficulty of the trail, the families who
gather to cheer along their riders, and so forth.  

I'm not sure about the Lari Shea version, but it is definitely not like
the National Geographic Explorer production that featured Potato

When the first copy of the tape arrived from the Japanese producers, we
brought it home and waited until after dinner with some riding friends
to view it.  We didn't have very high expectations about it.  The four
of us stood in front of the TV on the prospect that we would decide "Ok,
that's enough of that" and watch it sometime later.  We stood there for
the whole hour, glued to it.

/richard, teviswebguy

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