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RE: Re: Suitable dog

Although I have 11 dogs at home, oddly enough, I never take any of them for riding. Part of this is the fact that we have feral dog packs in the desert and semi-feral farm dogs along the trail. I have a Dalmation (my daughter's rescue) and would concur that they must be cared for with some concern for enough water. Egypt is too dry to use them riding. The majority of my dogs are working Rat Terriers and are, frankly, too valuable at their hunting to risk with riding, much to their dismay. The Corgi??? forget it, but a friend of mine regularly rides 15 mile rides in the desert with his cocker spaniel. Roger (the cocker) is happy as a clam, but usually detours through an irrigation canal on the way home so he arrives in a fairly disgusting state. The baladi (tame, semi-feral mutts) can do the distance easily...the stable dog is a good example. Bess goes out regularly with "her" horses and has to be locked up when she's with pups to keep her home, and she's been known to do an easy 50 km in the desert, but most of them are too smart and knowing. They realise they are in for a lot of work and curl up on the porch to guard the water bowl while you are gone.  Bess, who is a shepherdish type, currently has a litter of half Great Dane pups who could be really interesting companions. Originally Danes were bred as sight hounds, to follow deer until the deer dropped of exhaustion. Morad and Hortense will be looking for homes for these guys. Anyone want a pup from Egypt?

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

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