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Re: Vitamin?minerl supplementation/Suitable dog

> 2)I would like to get a puppy who, when matured and conditioned
> properly, would be able to join me for my conditioning rides. I'm
> willing to wait!! Any suggestions regarding breeds that would be
> suitable?
> All replies greatly appreciated!
> Thank you!!
> D. H.
> Oh, I forgot to tell you, When Elsie, my border collie was just eight
weeks old, (hard to imagine now) I had put her in with a small herd of
llamas that I raise. She was amazing! she instinctively knew what to do. She
has been kicked twice as a puppy by one of the young llamas, and she is now
6 and has never been kicked again. When she was 6 months old, the day after
being spayed, she and I walked a 300 acre ranch with a river running through
it. She acted like she had never even been to the vet. They seldom want to
lay around, when I tell her we are going to work, she is one happy
camper.She also is a High Diver off ten foot river banks and will actually
dive under the water to fetch a rock! She is not by any means unique,  She
is not just a dog, she is a  Border Collie........a Ranchers Number One

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