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Re: Vitamin?minerl supplementation/Suitable dog

Hi D.H.

I can't tell you about question number one, but I sure can tell you about
the best dog for the job.  Without a question, it is a Border Collie. They
are deemed the most intelligent dog in the world. They have been breed for
centuries as working dogs. I have taken mine on 25 mile rides and both my
horse and myself always feel safer with our "Trail Boss" Elsie, my main dog
always leads the way, if she gets too far ahead of us, she will turn around
wait until we see her before she sets off up the trail. She has come face to
face with a bear and before we (my horse and myself) have gotten there, the
bear took off running. I also have an Australian Sheppard, I do not like
this breed as well. She likes to nip, and doesn't mind as well. The Border
Collie has a much calmer personality. They love the water, want to do
everything in their power to please their master and have the endurance and
the willingness to go the distance. After a long ride in the mountain, when
we get home, I think well, now she will be tired.  Nope, she wants to go
herd, play Frisbee, fetch the stick, ball, whatever. I have never once been
able to wear her down.
You are going to get every kind of answer on this subject. Look at all of
them, ask yourself exactly what YOU want in a dog. Personality, endurance,
looks, companionship, intelligence, playfulness, and a dog that you can
trust around others and livestock.  Check outbooks on breeds, go see some of
the breeds that interest you, see how they react around your horse, how are
they going to be on the trail?  How will this dog react in trail situations?
I have ridden with friends whose dogs drive me nuts, always running in and
out of the brush or trees and then coming out of nowhere and scaring the
daylights out of the horse. Or dogs that just think it is their job to stay
behind the horse, which makes for a very irritated horse, and one that will
start kicking at the pesky dog.

I have had everything from Maltese to Boxers, and I will never ever have
anything but a Border Collie.
that's my 3 cents in a nutshell!

> 2)I would like to get a puppy who, when matured and conditioned
> properly, would be able to join me for my conditioning rides. I'm
> willing to wait!! Any suggestions regarding breeds that would be
> suitable?
> All replies greatly appreciated!
> Thank you!!
> D. H.
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