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IntNewsGroup- Foreign Ride

 We are passing along the following  message for interested riders. It regards competing in the New Zealand National Finals in April.   Please note you must be eligible and work through AHSA to compete in a foreign ride. COntact the AHSA office. Either Jennifer Singleton or Mike TOmlinson for more info. 
Mike Foss
The following is from , Madonna Harris. I hope you find it helpful.
   Foreign riders.  The ride is open to everyone and there are a couple of horses still available for lease.....but going fast.  Anyone interested, have them email me for further info and please ask them to look at the site for race particulars.  Entries in principle close March 1 otherwise a late fee applies but we're very flexible with foreign riders if arrangements have not been finalised by this time. I am personally interested in competing at the Pan Am Champs - is this open to foreign riders ?  If so, I'm happy to trade a horse (no lease fee) and have available a potential top ten finisher for such an exchange.  Do you know anyone who may be interested in such an arrangement?
Thanks,   Madonna Harris     (member OC Nationals)

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