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Re: The dreaded tying up sydrome. Can anyone help?

Read your posting on Ridecamp concerning your mare and tying-up syndrome.

I am an equine veterinarian with experience primarily in 3-day event horses
and jumpers.  As you know by now, tying up syndrome is a complex metabolic
disease with a variety of factors which predispose to its onset.  The two
things that I have done which have helped in many cases, is to eliminate ALL
alfalfa from the diet.  Alfalfa is high in calcium and in some horses
(perhaps yours) may be a significant predisposing factor by making it
difficult for exercising muscle cells to pump calcium out of the cell during
the relaxation phase.  This may result in the tetanic contractions seen in
some types of recurrent tying-up syndrome.

The second thing is the addition of a nutritional supplement called APF
(Advanced Protection Formula) which I have developed, and market through
various retail and catalog outlets, including Advanced Biological Concepts
out of Illinois.  APF is an herbal extract of Eleutherococcus senticosus,
Schizandra chinensis, Rhodiola rosea and Echinopanax elatus and had its
origins in human sports medicine.  These herbs have a significant affect on
carbohydrate metabolism during exercise and are believed to regulate energy
to the muscle cells.  I have had excellent results during the past seven
years utilizing these two steps in horses with recurrent tying-up syndrome.
You may feel free to have your treating veterinarian contact me before
making any changes.  I can be reached at 1.877.661.3505.

More information is available on our website   I will
also be at the AERC annual convention in Reno.  Auburn Laboratories is a
Diamond Sponsor of AERC and our product APF was used by the US horses last
summer at the World Championships.

Best regards,
Michael Van Noy, DVM

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> BPrunty bprunty@adams .net
> Looked in the archives and didn't find a lot in reference to this. If it
is there please bear with a new ridecamp user. After finally scrimping
together enough money to buy my next endurance horse I find myself with all
the right breeding, all the right P & Rs, and all the right bone structure
etc etc and tying up syndrome. To say this is a disappointment for me is a
gross understatement! Rode my other distance partner in competitive rides
till I learned enough to ride endurance and by the time we started to do
well he was 21. I am not a newbie who doesn't know how to start slow so with
that said she has tyed up on numerous occasions. Usually within 10 to 20
minutes of even light exercise such as trotting on a longe line etc. I have
tried this mare on Selenium supplement and had limited success. Finished one
fairly tough 25 miler on her and did fine. I am wondering if there is any
future for this mare who seemed to have so much potential when I bought her.
Any ideas? Email lin!
> ks,  or post an answer as I wonder if I should continue to keep trying
with this mare? I rode this mare for over an hour in 95 plus degree weather
the day I bought her and had not a problem. She was in Nebraska at the time
and we are from Illinois. Feed related changes? Any problems with
alfalfa/grass hay mix being linked to this? Please help as another endurance
horse isn't in my pocketbooks future! Should I sell this mare? Also for
grain I feed a plain grain mix of rolled oats, rolled barley and cracked
corn and have free choice mineral and salt available.
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