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Re: RC: Tush Cush

My husband just bought a Tucker Saddle, and they build the gel cushion right 
into the saddle.  I don't recall seeing a seperate pad available for sale.  
I used to ride with one of the gel pads, but it was because I had a very 
poor saddle.  I soon as I upgraded to a good saddle, I didn't need the pad 
any more.

Carolyn Burgess

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>OK, can't resist here...  the *best* way to avoid sore hip bones is to try 
>one of them gaited horses (I prefer Peruvians myself!)!  Of course, when 
>the equine love of your life isn't a Peruvian, I've heard that Tucker 
>Saddles makes a good gel tush cush... same gel padding that goes on their 
>saddles, and it goes over your existing saddle just dandy.  Anyone else out 
>there have any luck with these products from Tucker?
>Tracey Ritter (distance rider novice and Peruvian lover!)
>Portland, OR
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