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Re: RC: Ride Fees

In a message dated 02/08/2001 4:34:52 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< If you were getting dozens of phone
 calls cancelling out the day before the ride, AFTER you
 have ordered dinner, awards, etc you might have a different
 perspective of the sitution. >>

Absolutely!  There have been numerous times when we have had, for example, 
125 entries and we were so happy about it. About a week before the ride, 
after the meals have been ordered from the caterer of course, the 
cancellations rolled in....sometimes several in a day.  And we were lucky to 
start 90 riders.  Or less.  We realized that since we had to pay for meals 
ordered, not consumed, that we had to charge all cancellations the value of 
the meals, if they occurred after the meal count was given to the caterer.  
No one seemed to complain about that.


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