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Re: RC: Article or AD?

In a message dated Thu, 8 Feb 2001  5:43:17 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< In a message dated 02/08/2001 2:14:59 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< WHY and HOW? This horse isn't an endurance horse,
 though it has sired 3 that are being ridden and then there is a half
 page ad for stud fees following the article. >>

I would rather see those 
articles or ones about horses whose bloodlines show up time and time again in 
endurance horses (Bezatal, Abu Farwa, Rushcreek horses come to mind).


Not to add another "me too" post, but geez, with some of the super breeding programs out there and super stallions that are producing some of the very top endurance horses, I thought the "ad-icle" a bit odd myself.  What about features on The New Albion Stud (Michael Bowling) or the Bend of the River Ranch (Lois Russell) who respectively produced the last two Tevis winners, and who have long histories of consistent breeding programs turning out similar athletes?  (Lois has also bred an AERC Hall of Fame horse, as well as NUMEROUS consistent endurance horses.)  How about a stallion like Sierra Fadwah--who excelled on the trail AND in the breeding shed?  Or do they have to give horses to AERC to raffle off in order to get such coverage?  I'd rather see features on these and similar breeders whose horses are out there winning, doing long career miles, or in some other way CONSISTENTLY excelling in our sport.  Could be the problem is that their horses SELL to endurance riders, and!
 they don't have any left to giv
e away??


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