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Re: RC: Ride Fees

In a message dated Thu, 8 Feb 2001  8:03:28 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< And when you enter an AKC show, you enter on time. Entries close at 5:00   
p.m. on a given day and if your entry is not there, you are out. They don't   
even have late fees. You get it in on time or don't show. And lets not even   
get started on the benched shows when you are only showing in obedience but   
have to be there the whole time with your dogs on their bench a certain time.   
They are really strict.....maryben   >>

Yep, and that's one of the things I sure prefer about endurance--and I've been to A LOT of AKC dog shows!  But seriously, the main thing is that whatever the policy is, it is spelled out and clear, applies to everybody, and you know what the "rules" are regarding entry up front.  What is really aggravating is when you are told there will be a refund and there isn't, or you are charged fees that were not made clear up front.  If everything is spelled out in advance, you can either do it or not--it is up to you, and you know the score going in.


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