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Re: RC: Article or AD?

In a message dated 02/08/2001 2:14:59 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< WHY and HOW? This horse isn't an endurance horse,
 though it has sired 3 that are being ridden and then there is a half
 page ad for stud fees following the article. >>

I could not agree more. I thought the same thing today when I got my EN. Why 
is this horse getting so much free ad space when we just had this discussion 
on RC that there was no room for free ad space in exchange for articles in 
EN? I enjoy a good "horsey" story but to me it came across as an ad not an 
article. What made THIS particular stallion deserve this much article when I 
can think of a half a dozen stallions who are DOING endurance as well as 
siring horses that do endurance? Not to mention a dozen stallion who have 
many more foals out there doing a bang up job... I would rather see those 
articles or ones about horses whose bloodlines show up time and time again in 
endurance horses (Bezatal, Abu Farwa, Rushcreek horses come to mind).


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