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Re: Re(2): Rembrant

yep in the 18th century along with the Byerly Turk, darley Arabain etc.
However the mares used were in a great part native british stock
predominatly ponies. I belive its questionable wehter the foundign fathers
of the TB were Arabs or Turks or Turkomens, but if you ever see the great
Eclipses skeleton at newmarket racing Museum I think he was only 4
generations on from the original founding stock but is built like a modern
TB, so maybe they had a sort od 'sport' or genetic freak that evolved them?

really to my mind comparing a TB today to an Arab is a bit like comparing a
greyhound to a saluki. Both marvelous in their own way but one has evolved
from the other an beocme vastly different. Both lovely though!

In case you think Im biased I dont own either breed though, I have a native
WElsh pony.  I have done a short distance ride on some one elses Tb . Very
exciting it was too, a bit like upgarding to a ferrari from a mini!


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> As my history serves me and research I have done, all throughbreds have
> some Arabian blood.  Remember the Gondolphan Arabian that was brought to
> England and crossed with their throughbreds to get more distance in their
> horses.

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