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Re: Re(2): Rembrant

Forgot to say they were not imported to get distance into Thourgbreds as the
breed did not exist at that point.

 Nor were they imported for stamina as the Uk had plenty of tough enduring
native stock in the form of the garon ponies and shales and other trotting
stock. They were imported for whizzy speed!


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From: Tamara Jane Habberley <>
Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2001 11:09 PM
Subject: Re: Re(2): Rembrant

> yep in the 18th century along with the Byerly Turk, darley Arabain etc.
> However the mares used were in a great part native british stock
> predominatly ponies. I belive its questionable wehter the foundign fathers
> of the TB were Arabs or Turks or Turkomens, but if you ever see the great
> Eclipses skeleton at newmarket racing Museum I think he was only 4
> generations on from the original founding stock but is built like a modern
> TB, so maybe they had a sort od 'sport' or genetic freak that evolved
> really to my mind comparing a TB today to an Arab is a bit like comparing
> greyhound to a saluki. Both marvelous in their own way but one has evolved
> from the other an beocme vastly different. Both lovely though!
> In case you think Im biased I dont own either breed though, I have a
> WElsh pony.  I have done a short distance ride on some one elses Tb . Very
> exciting it was too, a bit like upgarding to a ferrari from a mini!
> Tamara
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> Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2001 2:54 PM
> Subject: Re(2): Rembrant
> > As my history serves me and research I have done, all throughbreds have
> > some Arabian blood.  Remember the Gondolphan Arabian that was brought to
> > England and crossed with their throughbreds to get more distance in
> > horses.
> >
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