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Article or AD?

I just got one of the best Endurance News Issues yet, the Feb. one. LOTS
of good info and discussion (poor Randy E and AERC International).

BUT. Was the information/Article/AD for RD Five Star written by Donna
Snyder SMith an article or an AD? I called the editor and she said it
was an article.  WHY and HOW? This horse isn't an endurance horse,
though it has sired 3 that are being ridden and then there is a half
page ad for stud fees following the article.

Now I am sure that the owners and Donna S/S will be more than happy with
my feelings and any controvery as it will (may) get more people to look
seriously at the Article/AD, I just want them to "send me the money" for
what they really should have paid for 2 1/2 pages of endurance news with
color photos.

How do any of us get equal time?

Steve Shaw

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