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Re: English seat = western seat?

In our product, we might said 15" Western saddle = 17" English saddle, but
we makes custome saddles, so we not realy sure  because it's depend from
what dimension of your horse and your body had.

Please, visit our website
or email us at

Nuni DiPietra
Equitation Synergist / Synergist Saddles, Inc.

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Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2001 5:00 PM
Subject: RC: English seat = western seat?

> Jodie
> hi everyone,
> i've ridden english most of my life and now i'm considering purchasing a
western style endurance saddle.
> could someone tell me what the seat equivalence is?  like and english seat
of 17 1/2" would that be equal
> to a 15 1/2" western seat or ?
> jodie
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