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Re: Pre-registration fee.

As a UMECRA ride manager I think I can answer your questions:

1. Our vets tend to get around $400 for the weekend.

2. Our rides tend to be a bit smaller.  My ride (Sisu- Sisu) had 98 total
entries for the weekend but only 20 endurance and 19 LD.  (Remember there
were CTR's both Sat and Sun)

3. A majority of the rides are at State Parks so the potties are provided by
the State.  At rides on private grounds if the potties were enough last
year, they most likely are this year.

4.  Someone else said they didn't like the idea of a pot luck.  The Midwest
USA is the home of the covered dish.  If you don't like pot luck live
somewhere else.  Everything, with the possible exception of weddings, has a
pot luck if at all possible.  Its just what is done here.  At my ride I
provided spaghetti, and coffee.  Since my spaghetti is was advertised,
people brought salads, desserts and bread products.  No big deal and there
was much more food than needed, with no requirements for meal tickets,
reservations etc.
Rides also provide coffee and donuts on Sat and Sun morning.

5. There usually are not long lines for endurance P/R checks.  The dreaded
"wait 10 minutes for a recheck" UMECRA rule tends to encourage people to
wait until they are sure before asking for a check.

6.  Awards usually are BC and first place (two weight divisions).  While
some rides give BC for LD, I don't because my Vet feels 25 or 30 miles is to
short a distance for a BC award.  (I think that this is a strange attitude
because placings are judged for CTR at the same distance, and that is
essentially a BC at a relatively slower pace.)  The value of BC and first
place awards are $40 to $60 at my ride.  I think it qualifies as a nice
prize.  Completion awards are the usual T shirt or equivalent.  My ride
gives china mugs with my ride logo.

Ed and Wendy Hauser
1140 37th St.
Hudson, WI 54016

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