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Re: RC: Non-Refundable Pre-Registration/Early Entry Deposit

In a message dated 02/06/2001 8:40:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I don't know about the Greenway Gallop, but when a 
 ride has nearly 100 riders, it's a fine line when to add a 4th vet 
 with enough notice; it's very hard to get a vet last minute.  Another 
 last minute scramble is to have enough volunteers to man the checks 
 when the number of riders goes up.

Here in the west region, it's hard enough to find enough vets.....period.  
Never mind trying to add one at the last minute.  We're experiencing vets 
that are overbooked (burnout), and vets taking up riding rather than vetting. 
 It's becoming a near crisis.  If it weren't for the few who do not ride and 
who are dedicated enough to spend their time away from family, vetting a ride 
for a measly few hundred dollars, I'm not sure what ride managers would do.
Last fall, I did not close our ride to last minute entries (as I used to), 
but charged a $25 late fee, which no one complained about.  There weren't 
more than a very few who entered late.  I used to be firm about no late 
entries and the arguments from the riders was causing me a lot of emotional 
conflict, so in the interest of my peace of mind and happier public 
relations, I comromised with the late fee.  I gave discounts for early 
entries, and that helped a lot.  For the uninitiated, trying to organize a 
WELL-RUN ride is not something you can do on a last minute basis.  Some ride 
mangers are able to have walk-ins, no pre-entries, and it seems to work for 
them, but I'm an organizer who likes to have things in place ahead of time 
and I don't work well under the pressure of the unknown.  Just my 

Barbara McCrary
Mgr., Swanton Pacific 100

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