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Pre-registration fee.

In regard to the recent discussion about pre-entry fees:  I am in the process 
of putting together a booklet containing flyers for all of the 52 UMECRA 
rides (primarily in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota). NOT ONE of 
these rides require payment with  pre-registrations. Nine of them charge a 
fee of $5 for registrations received after a cut-off date; four  deduct $5 
from the announced fee for pre-registration.
Several announce that pre-registrations are entered in a drawing for a prize. 
At rides held on publicly owned property there are usually additional camping 
fees.  There is only one ride that provides a  "banquet"--most of the rest 
have a potluck on Saturday evening with ride management furnishing the main 
dish. Entry fees usually average slightly over $1.00 per mile.
     I haven't heard of any ride managers personally losing money. (They 
certainly wouldn't continue to put on rides year after year if they did). A 
number of the rides are sponsored by breed organizations which cover any 
losses and keep any profit.  And UMECRA furnishes all the necessary forms. 
     Gene and Shelley Dake have ridden mostly UMECRA rides for a number of 
years--it's understandable that being assessed non-refundable registration 
fees is a culture shock. And yes, they did put on a number of rides in 
Missouri a few years back.  
     Y'all (and I'm sure not southern) come to the Midwest and do some great 
rides without a lot of red tape. Louise



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