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RE: "The Bitless Bridle"

I got to use one of those bridles once and liked it - even for my high
spirited mare.  I work with an endurance ranch and make beta biothane tack
for them and got several requests for the bitless bridles.  So I added some
changes that I had wanted for myself and am now selling them.

My main change is to allow it to be used with a bit also - in 3 different
configurations.  I've heard that Dr. Cook's does too now, but I haven't seen
how he did that.  There is a patented bridle out there that is similar and
has been out there longer than Dr. Cooks, but I haven't seen anyone
marketing it.  And recently I saw another version that was also slightly
different.  But all are basically the same concept.

If you'd like to check mine out, go to and click
on Freedom Bridle.


Moss Rock Endurance Adventures

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Ray O.
  Just went to the website after seeing this
advertised in the new Trial Blazer.Well! Hope springs eternal,of course, and
I am more giullible than most.Has anyone tried this thing?It is NOT a
hackamore.I am not an endurance rider(you girls are FAST!)and I do like to
have some brakes and a slack rein...

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