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Unfed mares give the cold shoulder

Just came back from a two day visit to see Grandmother in the Hospital. A 
two day Hiatus!! YESSSS!! and got home to discover the horses were never fed 
along with the dogs! Haley was so ill tempered that she had her ears pinned 
when Rob entered the pasture with the feed and Ansata was the same way! has 
anyone had any thing like this happen to them? The dogs were estatic! Here 
is the weird part. When we first got home we fed them a few treats it was 
only when Rob went to feed were they really witchy!
As for Howards knee...maybe he turned into gator bait? Or he managed to get 
back on and get knocked off again and get dragged and Dance Line decided to 
go Trolling for Gators? mmmm could be, nah that would be to easy of a way to 
dispose of him..besides Gators hate Gator fans they are way to sour.
Carla (the only good gator is a dead un!)
Haley (GET my food to me and NO ONE gets hurt!)
Rob (Is that our picture out there with a hoof print on it???)
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