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Ride issues

I heartily second Barbara McCrary's comments re late fees and in general
the issues facing ride managers.  We, the managers of the Lakeside
Classic, are faced with the possibility of cancelling our ride due to
lack of available
veterinarians.  This is a growing problem in this section of the woods
(meaning the west region).  I began talking to vets last November and we
are quickly approaching a cut off point where we cannot go forward.
Our ride has many amenities and this year will have new trails to
explore; however, all that is meaningless unless we have a minimum of 2
Unless one has managed a ride from start to finish, you have no idea of
the amount of effort it takes to pull it all off.  If there are any
veterinarians out there reading this, I'd appreciate a call.  Our ride
is in central coastal California and you are welcome to stay at our home
which is about 10 minutes from base camp.  Barbara Sanches  (805)

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