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Re: potlucks (was pre-registration fee)

In a message dated Wed, 7 Feb 2001 10:46:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, DESERTRYDR1 writes:

There's a possibility that Karen was concerned about food borne illnesses at the potluck.  Lots of people preparing food under less than sanitary conditions, with poor temperature control.  Just a stomach ache waiting to happen.  jeri   >>

I suppose that's possible, but when I see folks show up with their cold stuff in coolers, and their hot stuff coming straight out of motorhomes and LQ trailers with fancier kitchens than I have at home, I don't figure I run much more risk than I do at some of these catered banquets out in the great outdoors, either.  Can still remember eating raw chicken from a major caterer at a major continental championship ride's huge formal sit-down banquet several years ago--nobody got sick, but food poisoning can and does happen even at banquets...


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