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Re: Best saddle for a wide horse?

I had hip problems witha SS on my v. wide welsh cob.

I cant answer for western saddles but I use a free and easy saddle now which
works briliantly. its sort of an english version of an orthaflex or Roe
Richardson. They have a US agent now.

A cheap option might also be a Wintec 500 AP as the wide and ex wide gullets
suit flat topped horses.

good luck to you freind the dread saddle hunt is always a headache!


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From: Kristi Schaaf <>
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Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2001 3:10 PM
Subject: RC: Best saddle for a wide horse?

> I have a friend who is having a heck of a time
> finding a saddle to fit his WIDE Arab mare. He's
> used a Sharon Saare (DD tree), but that didn't fit her
> right. He's checking into a sport saddle, but I think
> she's wide enough
> that the ss may make him miserable (I had that problem
> with the ss on my kinda-wide Arab). He's also tried an
> OF on her, but it didn't work very well (maybe a
> different style OF would be wider?). What other saddle
> makes have those of you with WIDE horses had luck
> with? The rider is probably 6'1, 230 lbs, and really
> likes riding this horse, even with her "difficult"
> back. He's open to any type of saddle suggestion,
> though he'd prefer a western endurance type...Thanks,
> Kristi
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