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Easyboots, Studs and Mud

I recently put studs in my easy boots after taking a fall on 
a slick slope.  Studs were great until last Sunday.  I rode 
both Saturday and Sunday: Saturday, no problems, Sunday, kelpt 
loosing the left boot: happened about four times before I gave 
up and took them off.  I have never had the boots come off 
repeatedly before, so I assuming this is because the ground had 
thawed, and the studs were digging in enough to pull the boot 
off.  So... it appears studs help on ice/frozen ground, but are 
too 'grippy' for mud... but without them, will I be sliding 
around in the mud?  I sent EasyCare a comments ("Please make 
a 'mud boot' with heavier texture on sole").  I also looked in 
the archives and noticed others had posted about the same 
problem. Any modifcations that can be made to the boots to 
provide better traction in the mud, besides studs?

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