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Best saddle for a wide horse?

I have a friend who is having a heck of a time
finding a saddle to fit his WIDE Arab mare. He's
used a Sharon Saare (DD tree), but that didn't fit her
right. He's checking into a sport saddle, but I think 
she's wide enough
that the ss may make him miserable (I had that problem
with the ss on my kinda-wide Arab). He's also tried an
OF on her, but it didn't work very well (maybe a
different style OF would be wider?). What other saddle
makes have those of you with WIDE horses had luck
with? The rider is probably 6'1, 230 lbs, and really
likes riding this horse, even with her "difficult"
back. He's open to any type of saddle suggestion,
though he'd prefer a western endurance type...Thanks,

He's not just a horse, 
he's a little bit of
heaven on earth.

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