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Re: RC: Another Newbie question-horse body language

After trying all sorts of bits - eqine denist, etc. , I was talking about the
frustration with my vet when he was here to pull Coggins. He said that many Arabs
have a shallow palate and no bit will be comfortable.

I went to a side pull and all problems went away. So maybe trying some sort of
non bit briddle may help. My horse is very well behaved and controllable (as
least as controllable as he ever was in a bit ) in a side pull. Some horses
aren't. So maybe try out some other options and if the problem goes away. At
least that would give some indication if there is some basic discomfort in the
mouth caused by a bit.

Truman wrote:

> Hey all:
> You know, you'd think I had been out of horses for 20 years with all the
> questions I'm posting. Here's another...I had written to ridecamp regarding
> bitting my 6 year old mare, with just a year and a few under saddle and 6 of
> those months on the track. Well, we are doing fine but I am still questioning
> the bit thing. Today we went for a ride and she was licking her lips a lot
> and occasionally bobbing her head quite low. Any hints on what that means? I
> am concerned that she may need to go bitless but I hate to give up that old
> fashioned notion that I am in control with a bit in her!!  No,
> seriously, I just want to know if she is hating this bit and I should look at
> changing. I started her out in a Mylar but it was to wide. It still seems to
> be the bit she liked best. Had a sweetiron mouthpiece and great independent
> action. I tried a Kimberwicke, then moved to a snaffle that is jointed in two
> places in the mouth. Any suggestions?  Has anyone tried the comfort snaffle
> by Mylar and know if it comes in a 43/4 size, and a seetiron mouthpiece?
> Thanks!

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