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Another Newbie question-horse body language

Hey all:
You know, you'd think I had been out of horses for 20 years with all the 
questions I'm posting. Here's another...I had written to ridecamp regarding 
bitting my 6 year old mare, with just a year and a few under saddle and 6 of 
those months on the track. Well, we are doing fine but I am still questioning 
the bit thing. Today we went for a ride and she was licking her lips a lot 
and occasionally bobbing her head quite low. Any hints on what that means? I 
am concerned that she may need to go bitless but I hate to give up that old 
fashioned notion that I am in control with a bit in her!!  No, 
seriously, I just want to know if she is hating this bit and I should look at 
changing. I started her out in a Mylar but it was to wide. It still seems to 
be the bit she liked best. Had a sweetiron mouthpiece and great independent 
action. I tried a Kimberwicke, then moved to a snaffle that is jointed in two 
places in the mouth. Any suggestions?  Has anyone tried the comfort snaffle 
by Mylar and know if it comes in a 43/4 size, and a seetiron mouthpiece? 

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