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Indian saddle question

dianne verhage
Hi everyone
A well meaning neighbour has loaned me a military style saddle which he had sitting in his shed gathering cobwebs.  At first I was keen, thinking it would be a good endurance saddle.  I saddle soaped it as it was in a terribly dried out state and was planning ot oil it well (it looked as if it had never been oiled since new and was carboard stiff).  then I noticed the "Made in India" sign.  I've heard that Indian saddles are poorly made and can damage a horse's back.  I never knew you got military style indian saddles also.  It has the metal arch in the front, two wooden panels, covered in felt and the seat is leaning on webbing which is suspended between the front and back metal arches.  Does anyone have any advice or knowledge about these saddles?  
Please e-mail me privately as I'm not a subscriber.

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