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Re: RC: Best saddle for a wide horse?

In a message dated 02/06/2001 7:10:57 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< What other saddle
 makes have those of you with WIDE horses had luck
 with? >>

I've recently bought an Arabian Saddle Co. Sylvan GP in a wide tree for my 
wide Arab gelding.  An X-wide tree is also available but was too wide for my 
horse.  This company makes the Solstice endurance model, but I preferred the 
GP for its placement of the stirrup bars, slightly more forward than the 
Solstice.  The GP only lacks D-rings on the near side of the cantle, 
otherwise it is great for endurance.  Very comfortable for horse and rider.  
Beverly Gray is a dealer, and I'm sure she'll be at the AERC convention with 
saddles to try.  Otherwise, she can be reached at: 


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