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Re: RC: Another Newbie question-horse body language

In a message dated 02/05/2001 7:45:21 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< Has anyone tried the comfort snaffle 
 by Mylar and know if it comes in a 43/4 size, and a seetiron mouthpiece?  >>

I'm using the bit you mention above on a 4 1/2 year old colt; he goes well in 
it. A relative is using the same bit on her mare who is older and more 
mature, and the mare likes it, too.  As for size of mouthpiece, the Mylers 
are so nearly custom made that I'll bet you could order it with the narrower 
mouthpiece.  Offhand, I don't know who amongst the endurance suppliers 
carries these bits.  I bought mine at my local tack store.


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