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Re: Rider vs. Horse size- Update

I'm in almost exactly the same boat.

I'm 5.9 1/2, 165 pounds.  Went out to look at a 'over 15 hand' arab.  Fell
in love with him, took him home for two week's evaluation and still love
him, but he sticks out at 14.2-14.3.

He feels great under me, I'm just worried I look goofy, or look like I'm
over-riding this dainty little arab (I'm used to quarterhorses and appys,
*all* arabs look dainty to me).

He's got the sweetest personality and lots of get up and go.  Loads,
trailers, clips, calm as if he's on Ace, rides without a martingale, puts
his head down and boogies like a good boy.

Everyone's telling me I should just shut up and ride.  :)

If he vets out tomorrow, I'm gonna have to buy him and just get used to the
dog jokes (quite a bit of it's the Texas thing: 'couldn't you find a real
horse, little lady?'). 

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