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Rider vs. Horse size- Update

I rode the Arab in question last night and really liked him. I was worried that my legs would wrap around him, but they really did not. I felt very comfortable on him. Definitely want to ride him quite a few more times though, before I make a decision.

You mentioned some people might be willing to let me ride one of their "extras". Count me in! I'm in central florida (east coast) if anybody needs me!! :)

Thanks again everyone for your advice, it is MUCH appreciated!


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If you are hesitant, follow that instinct. For one thing, he is much too young, even at five, to do many limited distance rides. Size is important, if it is important to you.  Perhaps you need to look a little longer,  How about volunteering to take out horses belonging to others (many of our endurance riders have more than one horse) to get a sense of what size and type seems to suit you.  You never know, you may find the perfect match this way.  Also, consider a larger horse such as a quarter horse or gaited.  These breeds do well, and may have the body structure to support you too.


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