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stirrup question, I have sore knees

> I'm in your shoes.  No ACL in one knee, partial
> meniscectomy, and arthritis in both knees.  Riding at "just a walk" is
a killer. 

Let's start a club. :-D  No ACL on one side and no meniscus.  Both hurt
equally during training rides.  If I go fast I can ride pain free forever
, but slow kills me. Now, here's my problem. I've worn out the padding in
the seat of my saddle. It wasn't very padded to start with, but now when
you look at it closely it has two worn pockets where my seat bones have
flattened the padding down.  I'm afraid my seat bones are going to wear
through my skin some day. >ouch< No problem going fast though. So, I've
GOT to make this horse last cause I'm afraid I'd never live through
another two years of LSD. :-P

To answer the original question, I use old EZ Rides, but don't like the
new narrower ones. They say the plastic ones are wider so I'd try them
instead of the aluminum. I don't think stirrups make much difference on
knees. I'd start changing my stirrup length during the ride.


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